Cops and Robbers

  • Can I modify, reupload or make my own Cops and Robbers map?

    In short, no, you cannot reupload, modify or use the Cops and Robbers name. Cops and Robbers is a registered trademark of Podcrash and we do not allow our maps to be reuploaded or sold without explicit permission from us. If you own your own Map download website or app and wish to include Podcra...
  • How can I force end a game?

    To force end a game, run the command: /function crime:end
  • How do I get into creative mode

    To stop players from cheating, we have disabled Creative mode whilst in-game. You can choose to undo this by running the command /tag @s add admin then /gamemode creative IF YOU ARE IN SINGLEPLAYER MODE If you are in a single-player world, to run this command you need cheats enabled. To make...
  • How to host a game of Cops and Robbers?

    We work with several server partners to allow you to load Cops and Robbers onto a server for free. You can view the guide here.
  • How to install Cops and Robbers

    If you want to install Cops and Robbers onto your local Minecraft installation, you can follow our helpful guide.
  • iOS: I can’t load .mctemplate into the game

    When loading in the map, you may receive the error Unknown Pack Name. If you see this, it is caused by the iOS open from files does not seem to import the map correctly. Instead, use the inbuild discord/safari “open with Minecraft” option, which should load correctly.