Podcrash Play

  • Can I use a cracked version of Minecraft?

    No. If you want to play Minecraft, and if you want to play with Podcrash+ you have to buy the game at Minecraft.net. We do not support illegal versions of the game.
  • I am stuck loading on 60%

    1) Log out and back into your launcher to make sure that it isn’t bugged. 2) If this constantly happens then our servers might be down. Join our discord to see the latest status.
  • Is Podcrash Play compatible with Forge?

    Yes. Forge can be toggled in the settings tab of your Podcrash Play launcher.
  • Is Podcrash Play compatible with labymod

    No. Labymod is incompatible due to the nature of both Podcrash Play and Labymod.
  • macOS launch bug: Incorrect file path

    Due to the latest Fix regarding launching issues on Mac, all Mac users must update their path in the Podcrash Play launcher to the new directory in the settings tab (the gear icon) by clicking on the current path, which is: ~/Library/Application Support/minecraft' This needs to be changed to: ~/L...
  • The installer won't launch

    Run this program (Jarfix) to make sure that .jar files are being run correctly by your PC.
  • What are the keybinds?

    J: Customize the Podcrash+ GUI to your liking. H: Access all of the features that Podcrash+ has to offer, such as FPS Boost
  • Why do I get a javascript error when launching Podcrash Play?

    Our launcher relies on authentication servers hosted by Podcrash, sometimes, we have to take these offline for (un)scheduled maintenance, or sometimes they become overloaded and become unresponsive. We try to minimize this downtime as much as possible. If you notice a javascript error on launch a...